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Nutrition scientist

Dr. Claudia Gravaghi

Dr. Ckaudia Gravaghi Nutrition formulator


I hold a degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Milan and pursued a Ph.D. in Experimental and Clinical Nutrition, which was later featured in the prestigious Journal of Nutrition.


Following the completion of a postdoctoral EU fellowship, my journey led me to New York, where I delved into Nutrition and Cancer at the Strang Cancer Prevention Centre, affiliated with the renowned Rockefeller University. A subsequent grant from the National Institute of Health brought me to Weill Cornell Medical College at New York Presbyterian Hospital, where I explored the impact of obesity on breast cancer, immersing myself in cutting-edge clinical evidence in the realm of nutrition and cancer.

In 2008, I discovered a renewed passion for nutrition and its transformative potential. Relocating to London without a set plan, I joined the UK General Pharmaceutical Council as a certified Pharmacist and earned qualifications as a Nutritionist from the British College of Nutrition and Health.

As a pharmacist and nutritionist, I chose to work exclusively with holistic pharmacies in London, with prominent pharmacies in London, namely Nelsons and The Organic Pharmacy, where I gained invaluable experience dispensing herbs and crafting personalized herbal tinctures. This experience laid the foundation for my journey as a formulator. Witnessing the tangible effects of supplements on individuals allowed me to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world impact. This hands-on experience served as a catalyst for my role as a formulator in the health supplement industry.

As a formulator, today, I bring together the diverse facets of my career. My approach integrates scientific expertise, a genuine passion for aiding others, and a deep understanding of the psychological aspects related to dietary concerns. Offering bespoke evidence-based solutions tailored to your business, I consult with clients on a one-on-one basis, applying my skills to develop the best formula that addresses a spectrum of health and wellness issues.

Nutrition Formulator, scientist

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Supporting pancreatic cancer awareness by helping patients and their family to go through challenging, times such as chemo,  and providing individual nutrition plan.

"Dr. Claudia Gravaghi is a remarkably knowledgeable and talented formulator with whom we have been delighted to work with for over a decade now. The products we have made in collaboration with her are always well-considered and highly effective. To this day, we are always eager to hear her latest insights and research, and notwithstanding her peerless expertise in the nutritional and physiological effects of countless ingredients, she is a pleasure to work with as a person. I am happy to recommend Dr Claudia’s services to anyone looking to develop first-rate formulations.”

 Daniel Cohen

Bottled Science Ltd

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